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Build And Preserve Your Wealth In The Digital Age

Viva is a full-service cryptocurrency firm for private clients. 

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about us

What We Do

Viva provides concierge service built on a robust security and custody platform to deliver a range of done-for-you cryptocurrency solutions. Through our Portfolios, Programs, and Services, we solve many of the unique problems investors face when managing large amounts of capital in cryptocurrency markets. 

Viva exists to help people create wealth, freedom and drive innovation. We believe wealth should be used to drive human progress forward through entrepreneurship. The emergence of cryptocurrency is a pivotal step in the world's transition from centralized to decentralized finance and we believe investors who embrace this macroeconomic change will be well rewarded.


Retirement Accelerator

The Retirement Accelerator program is a bespoke process to help investors rollover their IRA into a Crypto IRA™, setup up their security and banking, allocate their portfolio, and complete their annual compliance requirements.

It’s the ultimate done-for-you solution for you to gain 100% control over your retirement funds and how you choose to use them in the cryptocurrency market.

Viva holds your hand through the highly complex administration process required from the government and IRA custodians.

The average investor starting with $100,000 in their IRA account could potentially save over $300,000 in tax over the next ten years of growth on their crypto portfolio from going through the Retirement Accelerator.

Click the button to download a free report to learn how it works. 

Generational Wealth
(Coming Soon)

Invest in crypto with a low-tax corporate structure and you could legally save 6 or 7 figures in tax over the next 10-20 years. This program will give you the right infrastructure to become a successful cryptocurrency investor.


Buy & Sell Execution

Our Over The Counter desk has deep trading liquidity with our institutional clearing partners to give you the best prices and lowest cost transactions when you enter and exit the market.

This means instead of learning to trade, you simply let your dedicated account manager know what position you'd like to take, and we'll do all the trading for you. 

Crypto Custody™

When the value of your crypto wallet becomes worth more than your house, it's time for Crypto Custody™. 

Crypto Custody™ has no single point of failure and is built on the Fireblocks platform using Multi Party Computation (MPC) technology to manage private keys.

The custody is so secure, we even provide optional 100% dollar-for-dollar insurance coverage provided by Lloyds of London.

This way you'll sleep sound at night no matter valuable your crypto portfolio becomes.

Crypto IRA™

Viva’s Crypto IRA™ is a bespoke service to incorporate a self directed LLC with permissions for unrestricted access to invest in cryptocurrency strategies using your IRA funds.

This can be set up tax-free or tax deferred and demand strategies not available from a typical IRA platform.

This means you can invest in Masternodes, Staking, Lending, Mining or Yield Farming, all through your IRA, with unlimited transactions and exchanges, all 100% in your control at all times.


"Why Working With Us Is A No-Brainer"

Central Banks are printing money like a monopoly game. Bank interest doesn’t cover inflation. Bond markets are in the biggest bubble in history. Fiat currencies keep losing their value. Pension systems are on track for bankruptcy. High stock market valuations don’t reflect reality.

The time of 60/40, stocks and bonds, has come and gone. But all this uncertainty, combined with technology innovation, has also created massive opportunity in cryptocurrency markets.

Now, it’s now time to capture the rise of safe, liquid, alternative investments to protect and grow your wealth, even when faced with uncertainty.

Viva has partnered with the best institutions to provide solutions to the unique problems all crypto investors eventually face as their portfolios become highly valuable.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your situation and to see if or how we can help.

Are you losing faith in the fiat banking system or the stock market, and worry about what it means for your retirement portfolio? Download our Free Report:

How To Protect Your Retirement Money From a Crashing Dollar And Overpriced Stock Market

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