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Viva Capital is a private office that provides concierge service for cryptocurrency investors. Our goal is to help you protect and increase your wealth. Viva helps solve the unique problems all successful investors face when managing their assets in crypto markets. Viva can help you in the following ways:

OTC Execution

With our trading partners, Viva provides buy and sell execution on thousands of tokens with large liquidity. Working with a professional trading desk has many advantages including more safety, professional execution and better fills compared to doing it yourself.

Digital Asset Custody

Viva can assist you with Digital Asset Custody through our custodian Zerocap and technology partner Fireblocks. This robust partnership uses their Multi Party Computation (MPC) technology which means there is no single point of failure on your assets giving you the best protection available.

Crypto IRA

Viva's Crypto IRA gives you full checkbook control and unrestricted access to investing in cryptocurrency with your IRA funds. Our relationship with lawyers and custodians allows us to provide you with an end to end service where we help you safely invest your IRA funds into crypto markets.

Types Of Accounts We Open

We accept client accounts from most countries globally

Company / Business

We can open corporate entity accounts from most countries globally including BVI, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. 


Trusts are the ultimate asset protection vehicle. Whether you have a charitable remainder trust in the USA, or a bullet proof Cook Islands trust for global asset protection, we can open your account to keep your crypto secure.

Personal / Individual

Fast and easy to open. After your initial consultation, it takes approx 15 minutes to open your account online and 24-48 hours to receive compliance approval. 

Retirement Accounts

Easily open a self directed IRA, or a Self Managed Super Fund accounts to use your retirement funds to invest in the exponential growth of cryptocurrency.

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