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Create and Preserve Your Wealth In The Digital Age

We specialise in alternative investment strategies with concierge service, so you can grow and keep more of your wealth.

Some of our partners...

about us

A Modern Investment Manager

Viva is a family office and investment manager who designs and manages strategies to grow and preserve wealth for a select community of individuals and families.

Viva exists to create wealth and drive innovation. We believe those controlling wealth have a responsibility to contribute to the production of society. We do this by giving investors access to unique and non-correlated investment strategies and building a network of like minded individuals. 

Crypto Services

Crypto Tax Strategy

The best time to start crypto tax planning for the future, is now.

Many crypto investors record a list of their transactions, give it to their accountant, and wait to be told how much tax they owe each year. That's not our approach.

We think in terms of long term strategy. The right tax strategy can be the difference between paying 50%, or zero percent on your future crypto gains. Which would you rather?

We help investors build custom tax strategies to legally reduce their tax liability.

Crypto Custody™

Most crypto investors reach a point where the value of their core portfolio becomes too important to risk leaving on a hardware wallet, an exchange or laptop. Even storing your own keys on paper, in a vault, runs the risk of you not getting hurt or forgetting your keys.

Our crypto custody is built on Fireblocks technology using MPC technology to manage your private keys, and has optional dollar for dollar insurance coverage provided by Lloyds of London.

It’s a safe as your crypto is ever going to get.

Crypto IRA™

Our Crypto IRA™ is one pillar of our end-to-end solution to establish your IRA for tax free crypto growth with no restrictions on what you can invest in. You always own your assets, control deposits and withdrawals.

This bespoke solution is delivered in a partnership with Murphy & Berglund Attorneys in Florida.  Click the button to learn more.

 Our Investment Vehicles

Managed Accounts

Get access to proven model portfolios, own assets in your own name, and pay low management fees.

Managed Funds

Get access to unique strategies made simple delivered through our regulated managed funds.


Get access to 'out of reach' private deals by syndicating with other investors in a managed Special Purpose Vehicle.


"Why Working With Us Is A No-Brainer"

Central Banks are printing money like a monopoly game. Bank interest doesn’t cover inflation. Bond markets are in the biggest bubble in history. Fiat currencies keep losing their value. Pension systems are on track for bankruptcy. High stock market valuations don’t reflect reality.

The time of 60/40, stocks and bonds, has come and gone. But all this uncertainty, combined with technology innovation, has also created massive opportunity in alternative investments.

Now, it’s now time to capture the rise of safe, liquid, alternative investments to protect and grow your wealth, even when faced with uncertainty.

Viva has partnered with the best traders, portfolio managers, investors, analysts, and institutions, to create unique investment strategies, and deliver them in smart vehicles, so you can safely and easily take advantage of them.

By putting our money where our mouth is, and investing in all of our products, we're always scouring for new investment opportunities for our community, and take a holistic approach to  investment portfolios.

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Viva works with a team of experts based around the world to bring you the best alternative investment strategies to grow and preserve your wealth during uncertainty. Multiple times every week, we help investors stay relevant with our free publication, State Of The Market.

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