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No Single Point Of Failure

Viva’s custody is built on Fireblocks infrastructure. Their Multi Party Computation (MPC) technology and multi layered security framework gives you the safest custody available on the market because there is no single point of failure on your assets.

You can learn more by reading a copy of the Fireblocks Whitepaper.

Settled over $2 Trillion USD

Fireblocks has settled more Digital Assets than Coinbase, who is the largest USA based cryptocurrency exchange, and the 3rd largest in the world by trading volumes.

MPC Technology

MPC (multi-party computation) is the next generation of private key security. MPC is a cryptographic technology that allows multiple parties to each hold secret information and then solve a problem that requires the input of all these secrets in a decentralized way, without ever sharing the secret information with one another.

Multi Layered

Multi-layer security has evolved through time. A robust solution must address the following threats:

Dollar For Dollar Insurance

When you hold your assets in Crypto Custody with Viva, with insurance, your policy covers your portfolio dollar for dollar. Many companies boast of large insurance policies such as $300 million when they have 1 billion in client assets which means in a catastrophic failure, you would only be insured cents on the dollar. Our insurance policy with Lloyds of London ensures when you have insurance activated, your portfolio is truly covered, dollar for dollar.

24/7 Visibility With Transaction and Settlement Receipts

Enjoy clear visibility and valuation of your portfolio with our 24/7 wealth portal. Don’t settle for an OTC desk who doesn’t give you visibility on your portfolio. When you execute with our OTC Desk, you’ll get clear visibility from real time pricing as well as transaction and settlement receipts.

No Limit Bank Transfers

Viva has partnered with Zerocap to clear large fiat bank transfers in USD, AUD and EUR. Many exchanges restrict your withdrawals making it hard to get your money out. With our institutional banking partnerships, you’ll enjoy no restrictions on your bank transfers to get your money in and out of the crypto market when you need to. In addition there are:

No deposit fees

So you don’t get ripped off by paying retail deposit fees of 1-5%. 

No withdrawal fees

Keep more of your money without any hidden fees.

No limits on transaction size

If you want to withdraw a million dollars or more to buy a house, you can.

Over The Counter Trading Desk

98% of traders fail. Don’t risk your wealth by trading on a retail platform yourself. When you work with Viva, your portfolio and transactions are managed by professionals while you receive concierge service. This means you don’t have to stare at screens, or learn to trade the crypto market. Our OTC desk specialises in bulk trade execution and can process up to 20 million block sizes at a time with minimal market movement.

Invest In The Future

Book a free consult and our team will contact you to discuss your situation.