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In this live zoom event you'll learn:

✔️ How to earn 5-7% holding cash, without a term deposit or locking up your funds.

✔️ Why banks don't pay the highest interest on savings, and where you need to look instead. 

✔️ Why governments are scrambling to convert their money from  analogue to digital, and what that means for your savings.

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At this event you will learn:

✔️ How to safely invest $50K or more in crypto,
 in 48 hours or less, and get a 5% dividend on top, without doing any of it yourself.

✔️How to avoid the expensive crypto mistakes so you don't get your bank account frozen, hit exchange transfer limits, or get ripped off paying retail commissions to a broker. 

✔️ How to get your account security managed, so you don't waste money buying hardware wallets, laptops, risk getting hacked or losing your password so you sleep like a baby knowing your money is safe.

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Dear Investor,

If you're sitting on $50k or more of savings, and you're tired of the low interest from banks, then I have a solution for you. 

You might have heard already how the world is transition from analogue to digital and governments are starting to make their economy cashless.

Well, this transition has tremendous opportunities you can take advantage of safely. 

The digital cash market is now over 50 billion in size and is not slowing down.

Digital money the same as traditional money, however it's backed by a ledger so all transactions get recorded. 

And because there'e so much demand in digital cash, there's also high interest rates. 

But the problem was, this little known cash market has been only available to those with technical knowledge and know-how. 

But now, with the launch of institutional grade security in 2020, you can access high interest rates of 5-7% on your cash.  

On this free LIVE ZOOM event I'll unpack how you can get 5-7% interest by sitting safely in cash, so finally, your money works for you. 

There's even a Q&A at the end so make sure you click the button to reserve your seat now.

Your Presenters

Omar Westerberg
Managing Partner
Sydney, Australia

Justin Harper
Business Development Partner
Orlando Florida, USA

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What You'll Discover On This
Free LIVE ZOOM Event...

  • Why the digital cash market is creating the highest interest rates and why they're only available for another 5-10 years. 

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