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Earn Up To 6.92%
On Your Cash

The Cash Yield Account is a safe way for you to earn high interest on your cash savings.

Accounts can be held in USD, AUD, and EUR.

The account has no lockups, no upper balance limits, no transfer limits and is held with institutional grade security. 

This is a managed account where you control your deposits and withdrawals, and the portfolio is done for you to produce safe, stable returns. Book a free consultation to talk with our team now.

Cash Yield Account

Why Open An Account?


Enjoy the best custody and banking infrastructure so you don't worry about transfer limits, managing wallet security, hidden withdrawal fees, losing your password or getting hacked.


Cash has very low volatility and has high demand. When you wake up in the morning you don't have to worry about any big swings in your portfolio because it's stable.

High Interest

Bank interest is at record lows and the stock market is volatile. You can now earn high interest rates by using the exact same cash so you preserve the value of your money while it works for you. 


Your account is held in your name with all assets owned and controlled by you. This means no danger of losing your account to a scammer or a government printing “free money"

Current Yields

The Cash Yield Account accepts deposits in multiple currencies. Click your deposit currency below to see the current savings interest rate. 

  • USD

  • AUD

  • EUR

USD Deposits

Current Rate


Who Is This For?

This is for you if you:

  1. 1
    Want 'Done For You' Service
    We manage everything for you in regards to digital assets, security, custody, technology, insurance and reports. Your cash is in a managed account owned by you.
  2. 2
    Can Deposit $50,000 Or More
    We have no upper limit and deal comfortably with very large deposits. Our minimums allows us to give better service so you can pick up the phone and talk to us when you need to.
  3. 3
    Want To Preserve Wealth
    Your account generates high interest on using digital USD. There's nothing complicated. It's safe and reliable. There's no speculating.

The Problem

Investors are faced with multiple problems when preserving the value of their cash. 

  • INFlation

  • Low interest

  • Lockups

  • hacking

  • UNcertainty

Cash Is Losing Value

Central banks are printing more money than ever before. This makes your savings worth less. The value of the USD has lost over 97% in the last century.

A typical term deposit in the USA produces 0.30% interest. The USA inflation rate beginning in 2021 is 1.40% according to Trading Economics. This means storing your money in a bank loses approx 1.10% in value each year.

In this example, every $1,000,000 would lose -$11,000 in value due to inflation.
In the Cash Yield Account, every $1,000,000 would produce up to $56,000 more than the inflation level. A sharp contrast. 

In order to keep the value of your money you must deposit it where the interest rate is higher than inflation. 

The Cash Yield Account solves these problems in a completely done for you solution so you can capture the high interest from digital cash. 

The Opportunity

High Demand Of Cash Backed Digital Currency

The growth in digital assets is nothing short of staggering, and has created a high demand for USD backed stablecoins as a low volatility safe haven.

USD backed digital currencies have grown into a more than $50 billion market so far, and growth isn't slowing down. The digital asset space has also matured to the point where there are now robust credit and interest rates markets.

This situation has created a unique opportunity where you can hold digital USD cash and get paid a handsome yield for safely lending it to institutions, just like you do with a regular bank account to earn interest.

Why Banks Can't Do This

Banks cannot do this themselves because it will take years before they have the technology infrastructure to do transactions in digital USD stablecoins. 

Banks will take a long time to adopt them because the centralized profit making businesses. This conflicts with digital assets which are built to support a decentralized financial network where profits are distributed back to the people.

Maximum Account Safety and Security

All Viva accounts are built on the Fireblocks platform. All funds transfers are registered with Austrac (the money laundering regulatory body in Australia). 

This technology is used by banks and hedge funds and large institutions to manage digital asset security. So far, they've transfer $400 billion of digital assets.

What this means is your account is safe, held in your name, you control all deposits and withdrawals, and it's backed by the best security available today.

How It Works


  • high interest

  • no Lockups

  • Safe

  • Hedged

Earn Much More Than Bank Interest

A bank pays interest to you by lending your USD deposits via safe loans to other customers.

The Cash Yield Account pays interest to you by lending your USDC as safe loans to institutions, just like a bank would, but with digital USD. 

When you transfer funds into your account, our team converts it into USDC so you're eligible to earn the high interest. Your balance stays in USDC until you wish withdraw it. 

Interested is generated through lending and basis trading. Because USDC is stable, there is no volatility above normal cash levels.

The high interest rates exist because the demand of USDC lending is very high and will be as long as there is demand for lending in digital assets. 


This portfolio holds the USDC and the volatility is the same as holding cash. It's designed for wealth preservation and high liquidity so you can pull your cash out when you need to without any penalties. 

Your managed account is secured with MultiParty Computation (MPC) technology through our custodian, which allows multiple parties to each hold secret information needed to solve the puzzle of accessing your account.

This makes hacking highly expensive and nearly impossible. Your account with Viva is a truly secure environment for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets.  

How It Compares

How To Open An Account

  1. 1
    Book A Free Consultation
    Click the blue button on this page. 
  2. 2
    Do The Online Application
    Upload your ID and sign the docs.
  3. 3
    Deposit Funds
    Transfer USD, AUD, or EUR like normal.

Open Your Account Now

Click the button to schedule a call and talk to our team.


How safe is my account?

Your account is very safe.

First, it's built on the Fireblocks platform which is the industry leading technology for fraud prevention and security for digital assets. They're responsible for over $400 billion in asset transfers and are used by the biggest banks, hedge funds, and finance institutions. Your account is also on their security which prevents hacking, fraud, theft so you can sleep sound at night. 

Also, your account is held in your name, so no one can just take your money. You have control over all deposits and withdrawals. You see your balance 24/7 when you login online, just like a bank account.

Can I call someone? What support do I get?

You can call or speak to our team at any time. We'll help you on the phone or Zoom video calls to open your account or provide support after you've opened your account. 

We often screen-share on Zoom to help people do the digital or technical stuff so it's easy for them. 

After your account is open, you'll also have direct contact with an account manager who you can talk with for support, when you need. 

Why don't banks do this? Sounds too good to be true...

Banks cannot do this themselves because it will take years before they have the technology infrastructure to do transactions on digital currencies. 

Digital assets were made to support a decentralized financial network where profits are distributed back to the people. Banks are not interested in that.

The current rates will also only be available while there is high demand, which is for the next few years.

Can I withdraw my funds at any time?


What's the process to open an account?

It's very similar to opening a bank account but a bit easier.  First, book a consultation so we can speak with you about your needs. Then'll we'll help you do the following:

1 Open your account online. This is where you upload your documents and identification. 

2 Fund your account with a regular bank transfer. 

3 Login to your wealth portal to check your balances 24/7.

How do you convert money into digital money?

The process is very similar to a foreign exchange transaction. E.g. If you go from the United States to Australia for a holiday, you would have to convert USD into AUD through an exchange to spend locally. Or your credit card does it automatically for you.

The process of converting money to digital money is the same. If you deposit in USD, we convert that to USDC through an exchange that is fully regulated, and audited. Our team does all of this for you when you open an account so you don't have to worry about the technical trading. 

What is USD Coin? (Digital USD)

USD Coin (known by its ticker USDC) is a stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S. dollar on a 1:1 basis. Every unit in circulation is backed up by $1 that is held in reserve, in a mix of cash and short-term U.S. Treasury bonds. The Centre consortium, which is behind this asset, says USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions.

The stablecoin originally launched on a limited basis in September 2018. Put simply, USD Coin’s mantra is “digital money for the digital age” — and the stablecoin is designed for a world where cashless transactions are becoming more common.

USDC is a safe haven for digital asset traders in times of volatility, those behind the stablecoin say it can also allow businesses to accept payments in digital assets, and shake up an array of sectors including decentralized finance.

The key differences between regular USD and USDC is how and where it is used. USDC is used in the digital asset market space because it is easier to transact with than regular USD.

Why is there different interest rates on different currencies?

To maximize the yield, we can only generate interest in the currency with the most demand. This is the USDC. 

In order to remove the risk we hedge out the currency risk of non USD currencies which comes at a cost. This is why the interest rate on non USD currencies will always be slightly lower.

It's much better if our team does this instead of you having to worry about your own currency risk.

What are the fees?

$199.00 account setup fee for new customers. 

What's the difference between a Cash Yield Account and a Term Deposit?

The Cash Yield Account is more flexible than a term deposits. The interest rates are variable based on the market. They also have no lockup period so you can withdraw your money if you need. 

Term deposits work by locking your money away for a certain timeframe (or ‘term’) in exchange for a fixed interest rate return at the end of that term. A general rule of thumb is the longer the term, the higher the interest rate.

Can I pay my bills with this account?

No. This account is designed for the purpose of generating interest only. You are unable to pay bills with it to do any spending from it. The only transactions you can do are deposits and withdrawals.

What’s the minimum investment?

$50,000 USD or equivalent.

Are there any trading commissions?

When our trading desk completes a trade for you, your account will be charged the wholesale rate to enter the market. We do not markup this fee. Most brokerage or retail accounts charge between 1-5% commissions to enter and exit trades. We do not encourage frequent trading and the wholesale commissions are usually approx 0.5-0.7% on a trade. 

Because our trading is done over the counter (OTC) we can clear large blocks of up to $20 million at a time without issue which cannot be done on a retail platform. 

What are the deposit and withdrawal minimums and limits?

The account has a $50,000 minimum initial funding balance. After that, the minimum for deposits and withdrawals is $10,000. There is no maximum to deposit or transfer (unlike retail providers) and your account can handle very large sums.

Can I open an account with my IRA or SMSF?


We have a service to help you prepare an appropriate IRA structure to make an investment if you need. 

How do I know you won’t just take my money?

You own the account. We only have access, with your permission, to manage your account. You are in control of your deposits and withdrawals.

Can I add a debit card to this account?

No. This is a high interest savings account not a spending account.

How is a managed account different to a managed fund?

A managed account is a portfolio managed by an investment professional that is entirely owned by the individual investor. This means your assets are always owned in your name. 


What happens if I lose my password?

If you lose your password, we can help you retrieve it. It would take 3 independent parties to lose their passwords and their backups of their own password, at the exact same time for there to be a problem. If this happens, the world has bigger problems.

How can I track the performance?

You receive a once per month report and annual financial statement.

You can also log in at any time to check your returns.


How is the interest paid?

Interest is paid in USDC and reinvested back into your account so you get compound growth on your interest over time.

What happens if your company goes bankrupt?

You still have 100% ownership and direct access to your assets because it’s in your own account, however our service would stop. You'd be able to withdraw your funds just like normal. 


Open Your Account Now

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