Protect Your Crypto With Digital Asset Custody

Over $50 million dollars in cryptocurrency was lost in 2021 caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Scams
  • Lost passwords
  • Damaged hardware
  • And sometimes plain bad luck...

Just to name a few.

The worst part?

Up to 23% of these coins are gone forever, with wallet hunters charging up to 40% to recover your lost or stolen coins.

But all this can be easily avoided...if you educate yourself!

FTC reports major increase in cryptocurrency losses due to investment scams.

How To Protect Your Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency is a smart currency, designed by forward-thinking engineers for forward-thinking investors.

“It eliminates the need for banks, as well as eliminating the need for credit card, currency exchange, and money transfer fees." - Peter Diamandis

Right now, exchanges mainly exist for the purpose of crypto trading.

However, they don’t function as a financial institution and therefore offer little to no asset protection... 

Meaning “you’re” the bank when it comes to crypto assets.

As you’re well aware, all banks need protection, and the best way to achieve that when it comes to cryptocurrency is custody.

The Digital Asset Custody provided by our custodian is where ease-of-use meets security so you can rest easy knowing your assets are safe.

What Is Custody?

When your wallet is worth more than your house it’s time to think about security solutions.

Most serious crypto investors quickly reach a point where their wallet value of their assets outweighs the risk of storing them in a hardware wallet such as a USB drive, laptop or online exchange like Upbit which was hacked to the tune of $51 million dollars recently, just to name a few...

That’s not even taking into consideration those who store their keys on a piece of paper, only to hide it in a place “they’ll remember” or even go as far as to lock it up in a safety deposit box at their financial institution...

All the while putting their assets at serious risk of being lost forever!

Custody refers to the safe keeping of your crypto assets through custodial services.

The Three Types Of Custody...

Self-custody: Build your own solution

If you're a developer or know one, you can build your own security solution from the ground up.

A word of warning though, self-custody can be dangerously unpredictable even for the most tech savvy individuals.

That’s not even taking into consideration if you were to somehow lose access to your keys through a catastrophic event like a house fire your nest egg could vanish into thin air never to be recovered. 

Do It Yourself Hybrid Solution

Most investors choose a hybrid approach.

With this approach investors open an account on an exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency and then buy a hardware or physical wallet like the Trezor T, Ledger Nano X, and sometimes an old school USB flash drive to store their digital assets on...

The main problems with these approaches are that hardware wallets can still be hacked and many crypto exchanges limit how much you can deposit and withdraw.

The result?

Your assets are still at risk and can be difficult to access when you need them.

The level of risk that comes with using a hardware wallet is about the same as holding physical cash in your home...

And while you might feel okay with $10,000 in cash lying around...

You wouldn't be okay keeping a million dollars in your desk drawer.

Done-For-You Institutional Custody

The quickest, easiest, and safest solution is a done-for-you institutional custody solution.

Third-party done-for-you Custody is the only solution capable of offering institutional-grade security and safety for crypto. 

This solution is best suited for investors and high-net-worth individuals looking to keep their crypto assets safe.

Simply put, done-for-you is where ease-of-use meets security.

Here at Viva Capital we offer a done-for-you institutional digital asset custody service through our custodian that takes advantage of industry-leading technology to protect your wealth.

Why Work With Viva Capital?

At Viva Capital we pride ourselves on working with forward-thinking investors and we protect them with forward-thinking technology.

Our Digital Asset Custody protects your investment using Fireblocks, which applies Multi Party Computation Technology to the protection of your private keys.

Fireblocks is a frictionless financial protection and digital asset security platform that helps financial institutions protect digital assets from theft or hackers by using breakthrough MPC & patent-pending chip isolation technology to secure private keys.

In plain English, Fireblocks employs MPC technology to keep your digital assets safe...

What Exactly is MPC Technology?

MPC technology is hailed as the “holy grail” when it comes to both usability and security.

MPC Solutions work by generating a private key within an Multi-Party, Computational, PC-based solution that’s never created or held in one single place.

MPC technology protects the key from being compromised by both cybercriminals and from internal fraud or collusion, preventing any employee or group of employees from stealing digital assets.

Simply put, it eliminates the risk of any one single-point-of-failure.


Will I Remain In Control Of My Assets At All Times?


Is It Difficult Or Time-Consuming To Set Up Custody ?

Neither, since our service is done-for-you, once you book a call and decide if it’s right for you, we take care of the rest.

What Is The Minimum Investment For Viva Capital To Manage My Crypto Assets?

The minimum investment is $100,000 USD or equivalent.


Am I Locked Into Any Kind Of Contract While My Funds Are Under Management By Viva Capital?


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