Protect Your IRA Funds From The Government And Earn Staking Rewards With A Crypto IRA

Viva's Crypto IRA gives you full checkbook control and unrestricted access to investing in cryptocurrency with your IRA funds. This includes strategies such as buy and hold, staking and lending.

Unlike online IRA providers, Viva's Crypto IRA has no restrictions on how much you invest, how many trades you place, or what custody or exchange providers you use.

We can even roll over your existing retirement account into a Roth IRA for tax-free crypto growth which is likely to save the average investor six figures in tax over a 10 year period when investing in crypto growth portfolios.

As a result, the Crypto IRA is a robust solution for serious investors who want 100% control of their retirement portfolio. Click the 'Get Started' button above to book a free consultation or download your free resource library below to continue your education.

What Is A Crypto IRA?

A Crypto IRA is a Self-Directed IRA LLC (SDIRA) with permissions to access all types of cryptocurrency strategies and markets using your retirement account. A key feature of Viva's Crypto IRA is that it has unrestricted access to exchanges, portfolios allowing you to invest in customized portfolios including Masternodes, Staking, Lending, DeFi Portfolios, Crypto dividends portfolios and private placements.

You may see company's promoting Cryptocurrency in your IRA only then to find out they restrict you on what exchange you can use or only allow you to take a small number of trades on a restricted selection of tokens. Often investors only learn about these restrictions after you've spent time and money getting started.

6 Mistakes Investors Make When
Investing With Crypto In Their IRA

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  • TWO


  • FOUR

  • FIVE

  • SIX

Handing Over Your Control

Not all custodians are created equal. Many of the custodians you're likely familiar with (such as Fidelity, Prudential, and TD Ameritrade) do not allow self-directed IRAs. If you google self-directed IRA custodians, you'll find over 60 of them.

The list can be overwhelming. Many of these providers may seem fantastic, promising you low fees, complete freedom to invest as you wish and full checkbook control, but it isn’t until you have completed the setup that you find out that they don’t really mean what they say. Often this is weeks of work completing frustrating paperwork, organizing transfers and paying fees only to be let down.

For example, some custodians only allow you to purchase certain cryptocurrencies through one specific trading desk and then require you to keep your crypto holdings there, which is expensive and insecure. Other custodians pull a “bait and switch”, quoting low fees with “exceptions” in the fine print, which often include cryptocurrency transactions. This highlights the importance of knowing your partner/custodian before entering into a business relationship.

Viva works with many clients transitioning from online 'cheap' IRA providers that don't allow them the flexibility promised. Don't fall into the trap.

  • ONE

  • TWO


Choosing The Wrong IRA Custodian

Not all custodians are created equal because most of the custodians you're familiar with (like Fidelity, Prudential, and TD Ameritrade) do not allow self-directed IRAs.

If you google self-directed IRA custodians, you'll find over 60 of them. The list can be overwhelming and while many seem glorious by promising you low fees, complete freedom to invest as you wish or promising you complete check book control, it isn’t until you have paid their account set up fees, spent weeks working on the transfers and transferred your money, you find out that they don’t really mean what they say.

For example, some custodians only allow you to purchase crypto through one specific trading desk and require you keep your crypto there, which is expensive and not secure.

Other custodians will pull a bait and switch, quoting low fees with “exceptions” in fine print which often include crypto transactions. Just as in a romantic relationship, it is important to know your partner/custodian before you get into bed together!

  • FOUR

  • FIVE

  • SIX

Paying Unnecessary Fees, Penalties Or Taxes

Without knowing an IRA LLC is available to keep a retirement account intact and still invest in crypto, many people will pay unnecessary early withdrawal penalties and incur taxes by cashing out a retirement account to invest in crypto.

Get sound advice and explore all options before you spend money unnecessarily AND lose your asset protection of the retirement account.

Why Work With Us

End-To-End Service
100% Done For You

Viva offers a true end-to-end experience to establish your Crypto IRA and hand-holds you while you engage with the necessary services providers to give you safe and secure institutional digital asset custody and to ensure you meet annual compliance requirements for your IRA.


You have a choice of your portfolio construction including Bitcoin and Ethereum with yield from lending. Or you can purchase and stake assets that produce a staking yield. Our professional trading team manages the execution for you leaving you more time to focus on what you love.

Ongoing Support

As a Viva client, you'll receive ongoing support for your portfolio with monthly updates and the ability to speak with a dedicated team member about your account. As a result, you will stay current and up to date with investment trends, safety requirements in the industry and opportunities to create wealth.

Who The Crypto IRA Is For

This is for you if you:

  1. 1
    Want a Professional and Complete 'Done For You' Solution
    We establish your Crypto IRA, open your investment account, allocate your portfolio and complete your annual IRA compliance requirements. You sit back and read your performance reports.
  2. 2
    Can Invest $100,000 or More With Your IRA
    Our minimums allow us to provide better service so you can pick up the phone and talk to us.
  3. 3
    Want A Proven Strategy With The Highest Security
    Your portfolio is optimized to produce a greater return for lower risk, and it reinvests dividends for the long term. There's no speculating, trading, coin picking, or emotional decisions.

Why Open A Cryptocurrency IRA?

Investing in cryptocurrency with your IRA could significantly change the result of your retirement portfolio. Rolling over a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA means you can enjoy tax free growth on your crypto. 

High Potential Growth

Cryptocurrency was the best performing asset in the last 10 years.

The world is transitioning from analogue to digital and cryptocurrency is just the beginning. There are decades of growth remaining in this global transition and you can now take advantage of it in your retirement account.

Inflation Proof Yield

If you hold Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can receive yield from lending in your portfolio. Your compound growth is maximized because the yield is reinvested over time. 

In addition, Bitcoin is considered an inflation hedge and keeps its value compared to fiat currencies, so you maintain your wealth in the long term

Protection In Times Of Crisis

Owning Bitcoin allows you to control the value of your money, stored in Bitcoin, in the event of capital controls or bank bail-ins.

In times of crisis, traditionally governments and banks place restrictions on moving money making it difficult. By owning Bitcoin you have control of its value at all times. 

The Next 10 Years Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has the potential of 10-15x growth over the next decade according to the The Stock to Flow model, which is frequently what expert money managers use to value bitcoin. Therefore, investing in Cryptocurrency with your IRA could significantly boost the balance of your retirement portfolio. 

Bitcoin stock to flow

Crypto IRA Staking

Let your retirement account earn staking rewards on autopilot

Earn Residual Returns

You can earn 5-20% staking rewards as residual returns in your IRA. If you have a ROTH, this would be tax-free income.

New Tokens Added 

Staking opportunities are growing. Our first staking assets are Polkadot and Divi we're working on others.

Convert Staking Rewards To Cash To Live Everyday

Convert your staking rewards into cash easily by letting your account manager know. We'll help you manage the trades and send proceeds to your bank.

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How Our Crypto IRA Service Is Different?

No Deposit or
Withdrawal Fees

It's common for exchanges or platforms to charge you a 3-5% deposit or withdrawal fee.

Unlike other retail providers, when you invest with a Viva Crypto IRA, there are no entry or exit fees.

This means you grow your money faster with compound growth, and you receive better value for money.

Low Execution Fees
And High Liquidity

Viva can process large volume blocks of bitcoin without moving the market price, as your crypto IRA is connected directly with our Over The Counter (OTC) trading desk.

As a result, you pay lower execution fees and can feel comfortable knowing any trade executed on your behalf, no matter how big or small, is professionally managed.

Crypto Approved
Large Bank Transfers

Our Digital Asset Custodian is registered with Austrac, the money laundering regulatory body of Australia. As a result, there are no limits to the number of bank transfers you can complete above our minimum balance.

Unlike other providers, this means you don't risk your bank account being frozen or locked, and you can safely transfer large amounts from your IRA bank account without issues.

24/7 Wealth Portal Access

When you open a Crypto IRA you get 24/7 access to an online wealth portal to check your balances and rewards.

Crypto IRA Staking Wealth Portal

Real People You Can Speak With About A Crypto IRA

Omar Westerberg

Managing Partner

Omar Westerberg founded Viva Capital Management and serves as Managing Partner.  Omar has a career in managing investment operations, building algorithmic trading hedge funds,  and creating and launching new investment products safely to market. 

Justin Harper


Justin Harper is a Partner of Viva Capital Management and heads Business Development in the USA.  He has a long career as a business owner in the entertainment industry where he directed corporate and private events. He is a powerful communicator and networker as well as long term investor in digital assets.

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Our Value Guarantee

Setting up your own IRA and learning how to buy cryptocurrency on an exchange is complicated and has many administrative responsibilities.

Doing it yourself, or using an online only provider can be frustrating, time consuming, and prone to costly mistakes.

It's for this reason, we created a seamless experience to complete the process of opening a Crypto IRA and investing in the optimal crypto portfolio for you.

By working with us you'll experience a seamless process to setting up your Crypto IRA with professional service providers where you have control of your assets. Book a free consult now to talk with our team.
Omar Westerberg
Managing Partner
Viva Capital Management

Open A Crypto IRA Today

It all starts with a private discussion with you to find out your needs. Click the button below to book a free consult. 


What Is Crypto Custody?

Crypto Custody refers to the safekeeping of your crypto assets. Traditionally, to keep your crypto secure, you have to generate private keys with hardware devices, store your device and keys somewhere “safe”, and make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.

Unfortunately, the higher the value of your crypto, the more likely you are to make a mistake if you're managing it yourself at home, as a higher balance makes you feel emotional. Therefore, there are three levels of Crypto Custody to be aware of.

Build Your Own Custody

If you're a developer or a company, you can build your own security from the ground up, but you would require the resources and vision to do so. Cryptocurrency is an exciting industry and many companies with resources choose the path of building their own infrastructure.

Do It Yourself Hybrid Solution

Most retail investors choose a hybrid approach. This where they open an account on an exchange to buy and sell Cryptocurrency and then buy hardware or physical wallets to store their crypto.

The key problems with this approach are hardware wallets can be hacked quite easily, and many crypto exchanges limit how much you can deposit and withdraw. As a result, it can be hard to get your money out.The level of risk of using a hardware wallet is about the same as holding physical cash in your home.

You might feel safe with $10k in cash. But if you had $1 million in cash at home, would you feel safe with it there? Above all, if you don't feel safe, then you need a done for you custody solution.

Done For You Institutional Custody

Investors prefer institutional custody. This is where you pay for dedicated security and have insurance on your holdings. Viva uses Fireblocks as a custody technology provider, but there are others available.

When you use high-grade custody, it removes the single point of failure issue, and you can sleep well knowing your assets are secure and you can get them out when you need.

Crypto IRA Investing Vs Non IRA Investing

Crypto IRA Investing 

  • Tax-Free Transactions: IRA transactions have no taxable events.
  • Higher compound growth: Lower tax means returns can compound faster.
  • Less paperwork: No taxable events mean no complex tracking needed

Non Crypto IRA Investing 

  • Taxable Transactions: Every transaction creates a taxable event required to be tracked and reported at financial year-end. Every trade increase your capital gains tax with the amount depending on if you've held the position for a longer or shorter time period.
  • Record All Transactions: You must record every action when investing in crypto directly for end-of-year financial year audits with the IRS.
  • Tax Payments: Your share of taxable gains needs to be paid to the IRS each year 

What Is The Best Crypto Portfolio For an IRA?

The optimal portfolio to hold is 70% Bitcoin and 30% Ethereum as it's been proven via a Monte Carlo process using historical data to produce higher returns for lower risk when compared to only holding Bitcoin.

How To Buy Crypto In An IRA?

The practical steps of buying cryptocurrency in an IRA are the same as doing it in a direct account. Viva suggests using a managed account provider, using a 3rd party custodian and an over the counter trade desk. This gives you the ability have all the trading work done for you while you get the help of the professionals. 

A managed account is a wholesale solution compared to retail exchanges and means you save money on transaction prices, and don't have to learn to trade or use complicated software. 

How To Fund Your Crypto IRA

There are 3 common ways to fund an IRA.

1) Transfer an Existing IRA

Existing IRAs can be transferred into a Crypto IRA without creating a taxable event or penalty. Examples include: Traditional, Roth, MPP, SEP, Simple or Inherited.

If you've already set up an IRA with another provider to trade crypto you can likely do an In-Kind Transfer. This allows you to transfer cryptocurrency wallet to wallet without liquidating to your assets when you open a Crypto IRA.

2) Rollover an Employer Plan

Plans from previous employers can be rolled-over into an IRA. These include 401k, 403b, TSP, 457, and some pensions. There are different requirements for each plan. Contact us to find out if your current plan qualifies.

3) Contribution of New Funds

You can make new contributions of $6,000 if you are under 50 years old, and $7,000 if you are over 50 years old according to the contribution limits of 2020/2021. 

Invest In The Future

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