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Because you've downloaded a free report that shows how to enter the crypto market safely, now I'd like to invite you to the most lethal wealth creation strategy available—combining the high paying dividends and high growth of digital assets so you can capture the forecasted 10-20x bull run this decade.

I'm Omar Westerberg, Managing Partner for Viva Capital.

I'm so confident this strategy could change your life, I not only have invested considerable assets of my own, but I've set up my company to provide a service to do it all for you.

I noticed how technical it was for people to open accounts safely and invest in a strategy proven to work. So I started a service called the Digital Asset Dividend Account, where we do EVERYTHING for you.

When you open an account we:

  • Set up maximum safety so you don't learn about cybersecurity.
  • Set up your perfectly balanced portfolio so you don't have to learn to trade.
  • Activate dividends, so you get returns in up or down markets.
  • Set up your dividend reinvestment plan so that you can maximize compound growth.
  • Set up your wealth portal login so you can check results 24/7 or with your Sunday paper.
  • And it's all done in a managed account where you own and control your assets.
  • You even get someone to talk to if you want to pick up the phone.

 In fact, I've now got my team doing one on one consultations to help you understand how it works and to see if it's a good fit for your portfolio.

The process to start is easy and quick. It's all online, and some people have gone on to receive dividends in as little as 48 hours...

But, first, let's review your situation to see what your goals are and then, based on what you tell us, we'll go through a custom plan on how you can safely start your journey of receiving digital dividends.

This is all done when you:

Here's Just Snapshot of the Companies Supporting Digital Assets

"The Biggest Trade Of Our Lifetime"

The companies above are just a snapshot of the 'big guys' entering the digital asset market.

You have a limited time to 'front run' them, so it only benefits you because it will push prices higher when they do enter.

Raoul Pal of Real Vision calls this the biggest trade of our lifetime. It's a rare occasion where everyday investors like you and I have access to such a significant wealth creation event. Typically it's reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

The window for this opportunity is not available for much longer as more companies are entering the market every day. Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, has already offered to teach board members of the S&P 500 companies how to convert their balance sheet into digital assets.

And a survey shows 5% of those boards are interested in doing it!

This represents trillions of dollars due to flood into digital assets in the next 12-24 months, which can only push the price higher. But you've got to be in the market before them to benefit from it.

And when you combine high paying dividends, it'll be hard to find another opportunity as powerful as this in our lifetime to achieve compound growth the potential to retire on digital dividends.

Don't let it go to waste.

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