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The Optimal Crypto Portfolio With Dividends Reinvested, Without Learning To Trade

The Digital Asset Dividend Account holds a 70 / 30 weighted portfolio of Bitcoin and Ethereum and targets a 5% dividend to reinvest.

Your account is held with institutional grade safety with no limits on bank transfers, withdrawals or transaction sizes. 

This is a 100% done for you solution in a managed account so you own your assets, while we do all the work. Book a call with our team to see if an account is a good fit for you.

Digital Asset Dividend Account

Download Key Information

Why Invest?

High Security

Enjoy the best security with large sums of money so you don't experience frozen bank accounts, transfer limit breaches, multi wallet management, hidden withdrawal fees, losing your password or getting hacked.

Maximum Growth

Capture the high growth of digital assets with potential to retire digital on digital dividends without downsizing, budgeting or relying on the government in uncertain times.

Proven Strategy

Combine high growth and high paying dividends to maximize your returns. It's a proven alternative compared to learning to trade, low bank interest, overpriced stocks, or holding devalued cash. 


Your account is held in your name with all assets owned and controlled by you. This means no danger of losing your account to a scammer or a government printing “free money"


Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Who Is This For?

This is for you if you:

  1. 1
    Want 'Done For You' Service
    We manage everything. Security, custody, technology, insurance, trading and reports. You don't even need a wallet. Your portfolio is in a managed account owned by you. Just like how a stock broker would manage your stock account. 
  2. 2
    Can Invest $50,000 or More
    We have no upper limit and deal comfortably with very large investment sums for digital assets. Our minimums allows us to give better service so you can pick up the phone and talk to us.
  3. 3
    Want A Proven Strategy
    Your portfolio is optimized to produce the most return for the least risk and it reinvests dividends for the long term. There's no speculating, short term trading, coin picking, or emotional decisions.

The Problem

The average investor faces many obstacles when investing large sums of money into digital assets. Explore the problem below.

  • hacked

  • Can't Move money

  • ripped off

  • Lost TIME

Exchanges & Wallets Get Hacked

Storing your assets on exchanges makes them a vulnerable target for an attack.

Even physical wallets have been proven to be hacked in just 15 minutes...

It's important you know the risks of your account providers when you manage your own security because you don't want to wake up one day with all your assets gone like the experience of Mt Gox where billions where stolen.

For investors who want maximum safety the only solution is institutional grade security and custody. If you don't have the best security you risk losing access to your account and in a worst case scenario, losing your entire portfolio. 

The Digital Asset Dividend Account solves these problems in a completely done for you solution so you can capture the high growth from the digital asset markets and sleep sound at night knowing you can get your money out when you need. 

The Opportunity

Exponential Growth

Bitcoin is knocking at the door of being a mainstream global financial instrument. 2020 paved the way for institutional grade security and safe custody of digital assets. This gave permission for the largest money managers in the world, like Blackrock, to invest trillions into digital assets. 

Experts forecast this institutional money to increase the size of the bitcoin market from approx $500 billion in 2021 to $10 trillion this decade. This is a 10-20x price increase. It's possible because Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins and is a free market currency, unlike fiat currencies which can be printed on demand which devalues them. Experts use the stock to flow valuation model to forecast bitcoin prices as below. 

High Yield

The digital asset space has matured to the point where there are now robust credit, interest rates and futures markets. This means we can lend our digital currency holdings to big institutions in return for safe yield. It also means we can execute low risk market neutral futures trades to produce extra returns without risking your assets. So far the lending market has surpassed $10 billion in loan originations with no signs of slowing. The bitcoin futures market is breaking trading volume records.

Bitcoin Price Next 10 Years

The Investment Strategy

Explore the investment strategy below.

  • Growth

  • Yield from Lending

  • Yield from Trading

Optimal Portfolio Weighting

The account holds an optimal weighting of 70% bitcoin and 30% ethereum. This amount is decided using a monte - carlo analysis to find the best risk adjusted returns. The portfolio is rebalanced each year.

Dividends are automatically reinvested after they're paid directly in your account.


The price of digital assets are known to be volatile. That volatility is good because it creates opportunity for growth. Your assets are held in your own account with management access by Viva.

Your portfolio is secured with MultiParty Computation (MPC) technology which allows multiple parties to each hold secret information needed to solve the puzzle of accessing your account. Access to the account requires the input of all these secrets in a decentralized way, without ever sharing the secret information with one another. 

This makes hacking highly expensive, nearly impossible. Your account with Viva will be a truly secure environment for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets

How It Compares

How To Open An Account

  1. 1
    Book A Free Consultation
    Click the blue button on this page. 
  2. 2
    Complete An Online Application 
    Upload and sign your docs online. It's easy. 
  3. 3
    Deposit Funds
    USD, AUD and EUR is accepted. 

Open Your Account Now

Click the button to schedule a call and talk to our team about opening an account. 


Is the account secure?

Yes. The Multi Party Computation (MPC) technology used makes hacking highly expensive, nearly impossible and creates a truly secure environment for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets.

What’s the minimum investment?

$50,000 USD or equivalent.

What are the fees?

There's a $500.00 new Viva account opening fee.

This product has a 1.00% management fee per year.

Are there any trading commissions?

Trading commission fees are 1-2% depending on the volume traded. Our trading is done over the counter (OTC) so we can clear large blocks of up to $20 million at a time without issue which cannot be done on a retail platform. 

Are there withdrawal limits or bank restrictions?

No. There are no restrictions on how much you can deposit or withdraw (above the minimum account balance) There are no withdrawal fees or deposit fees unlike retail providers. Your bank will likely charge you regular transfer fees. 

How is this different to staking?

This is not a staking account. 

Staking is where you store your assets in a wallet and get paid to support the network of the digital asset you own. Staking returns are based on the demand of the individual coin network itself you're invested in.  

The Digital Asset Dividend Account creates yield through institutional lending which is backed by cash collateral. It's lower risk, more conservative, and robust to scale to very large amounts of money. The demand is created from the overall market demand to use bitcoin.

Can I invest with my IRA or SMSF?

Yes. We have a service to help you prepare an appropriate IRA structure to make an investment.

How do I know you won’t just take my money?

You own the account. We only have access, with your permission, to manage the portfolio. You are in control of your deposits and withdrawals.

How is this different from a wallet?

This is a managed account portfolio with institutional grade custody and security. A wallet is a secure vault that protects your private keys.


What if I already own bitcoin, can I open an account?

Yes. You can deposit your current bitcoin or ethereum and start receiving dividends immediately.

Can I add a debit card to this account?

No. This is an investment account for long term gains. If you want a debit card you will need a spending account.

How is a managed account different to a managed fund?

A managed account is a portfolio managed by an investment professional that is entirely owned by the individual investor. This means your assets are always owned in your name. 


Can I withdraw my funds at any time?


How volatile is it?

Your balance will go up and down with less volatility to bitcoin but overall digital assets are volatile. The benefit of reinvesting dividends smooths out your returns.

How easy is it to set up a managed account?

It’s very straightforward. You schedule a call with our team, complete the account documentation and then deposit in your account. Our team helps you every step of the way.

Why can’t I just buy and hold digital currencies myself?

You could but it won’t be the same as this account.

The Digital Asset Dividend Account has been optimally balanced to hold a portfolio of bitcoin and ethereum determined by monte carlo analysis.

The dividends are created through lending in institutional credit markets and from futures carry trading. This can only be done if you have the relationships with big companies. 

The security and infrastructure is built on Fireblocks technology so you're safe to transfer large sums of money without all the common risks of doing it yourself as outlined in the above page.

If you can do all of this yourself to manage your own portfolio, then go for it.


Is the account held in my name?


How are dividends paid?

Currently all dividends are reinvested back into your portfolio.

Can I make additional investments into my Managed Account?

Yes, you can add funds from your nominated bank account to use to invest in our managed accounts.

What happens if your company goes bankrupt?

You still have 100% ownership and direct access to your assets because it’s in your own account, however our service would stop.

Open Your Account Now

Click the button to schedule a call and talk to our team about opening an account.