What are your fees?

Account Opening Fee
Viva charges a $500 account opening fee for new clients. 

Management Fee
Viva charges a 1.00% management fee on assets under management per annum. 

Staking Example: If you are staking with us and receive a 10.50% yield on the asset, your real return will be 9.5% after our fee. Client funds in staking are 100% insured. 

Custody Example If you're holding your assets in a custody account with no yield, then the total combined fee between our custodian Zerocap and Viva is 1.00%.

Custody plus Insurance Example If you want to activate insurance for your custody account, it is an additional fee of 0.5%, for a total per annum fee of 1.5%.

Trading Commissions
Over The Counter (OTC) trade execution fees start at 1.95% and are reduced and customized on volumes of 10 million USD or more.

Optional Products and Services
Insurance on custody holdings is optional and is charged at a wholesale rate of 0.5%, directly passed through to Lloyds of London and our custodian, Zerocap. 

Custom services such as incorporation and advisory are provided on demand and fees for service will be presented for each solution.

Bespoke portfolios such as our Private Placements and the DeFi Growth Portfolio have different fee structures and will be discussed as relevant per client.

Do you have deposit or withdrawal fees?

Viva do not charge a fee on fiat or cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals. 

What are your account minimums?

Viva has a $100,000 USD or equivalent minimum to become a client. This can be split across multiple products.

Do you have a minimum OTC transaction value?

Viva has a $10,000 USD or equivalent minimum transaction value for OTC execution.

Banking, Transfers & Settlement

How do I fund my account in USD, EUR, or AUD?

Pease send funds to the following bank account instructions:

USD Deposits (Wire/Swift Transfer)

Beneficiary: Zerocap Pty Ltd
Routing/ABA: 026013576
Account number: 1503981471
Beneficiary Address: 412 St. Kilda Road Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia
Beneficiary Bank: Signature Bank
Beneficiary Bank Address: 565 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017
Reference: (Please use the name of your account)

NOTE: This is a local wire in the United States to a New York Bank.

AUD Deposits (Local BSB Transfer)

Bank Account Name: Zerocap Pty Ltd
BSB Number: 802-985
Account Number: 516213838
Beneficiary address: 412 St. Kilda Road Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia
Description: (Please use the name of your account)

EUR Deposits

Beneficiary: Zerocap Pty Ltd
Beneficiary Address: 412 St. Kilda Road Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia
Beneficiary Bank: Bank Frick & Co. AG, Balzers, Liechtenstein
IBAN: LI21 0881 1010 3521 K000 E
Beneficiary Bank Address: Landstrasse 14, 9496 Balzers, Liechtenstein

Correspondent bank (EUR): SECB Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH, Frankfurt a. M., Germany

How do I find my BTC deposit address?

How do I withdraw or transfer cryptocurrency?

1. Add your withdrawal address and wait for security approval.

2. Do a transfer and then wait for security approval. Always do a test transfer first.

Are there withdrawal limits or bank restrictions?

Viva have a minimum fiat withdrawal value of $20,000 in the withdrawal currency. 

There are no upper limits on deposits or withdrawals. 

Can I withdraw my funds at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds from Viva at any time. Please note all withdrawals are subject to a 48-hour withdrawal processing period. 

Fiat withdrawals are also subject to standard banking transfer timeframes. 

To withdraw funds simply let the trade desk know via email and your withdrawal will be processed. 

What are your settlement timeframes on Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency purchases and sales are subject to a 48-hour settlement period.

This means that cryptocurrencies bought or sold will take up to 48 hours to appear in your account or be made available for withdrawal or transfer. 

Can I withdraw fiat funds to a lawyers escrow account or another person?

You can only withdraw fiat funds to an account in the same name as your Viva account. For example, if you have a personal account open, then funds can only be sent to a bank account in your same personal name.

Custody, Insurance & Security

How are my assets stored and who holds the keys?

Zerocap, our custodian, is responsible for providing banking infrastructure on USD, AUD, EUR or SGD.  You have control to deposit, withdraw and manage your assets.

Fireblocks is the security and infrastructure provider on which your account is built. They are specialists in Multi-Party Computation technology. This means you still own your assets, but there is no single point of failure. 

 Viva is your management team to help do it all for you with your permission. We do not directly receive, transfer or control your funds or assets. 

Ultimately you have the authority and final approval on any decisions made.

How is my account secure?

Your account is built using the Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology provided by Fireblocks.

This type of infrastructure and technology makes hacking highly expensive, nearly impossible and creates a truly secure environment for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets. 

You can download the Fireblocks whitepaper here.

How are client funds insured 100%

Viva's custodian is Zerocap, who utilizes Fireblocks and Coppers infrastructure to secure digital assets. Lloyds of London is the insurance provider. On products that are insured, such as staking and custody, there is a 100%, dollar for dollar coverage of assets. Here's a summary of the policy.

"Zerocap maintains a market leading scope of Cold Storage Insurance, underwritten through Lloyds.  The coverage is provided under the Arch Digital Assets Vault policy covers, which provides affirmative cover the loss of theft or damage to the Private Keys, necessary to propagate a transaction of a given Digital Asset or Cryptocurrency from one blockchain Public Address to another Public Address on the same blockchain.

The Arch Digital Assets Vault policy is a named perils policy covering the loss of, or damage to, Private Keys arising from: 

- Fire, flood, windstorm, earthquake and other natural perils;
- Deliberate and dishonest acts of the Insured’s employees operating in the role of a Designated Custodian (as defined in the policy wording);
- Copying and or theft by third parties physically present at the location(s) where the hardware utilised by the Insured in the generation, storage and retrieval of Private Keys is located.

The Arch Digital Assets Vault policy does not cover the following risks, although Zerocap can arrange for specific additional coverage to address the exposures:

- Any indirect or consequential loss not specifically identified as covered in the policy wording;
- Movements in the market value of Digital Assets;
- Professional Indemnity of the Insured or any sub-custodian;
- Negligence of the Insured or any sub-custodian;
- Failure of any blockchain protocol;
- Any event arising directly or indirectly as a result of, or in connection with, any acts of criminal conduct or money laundering, unless covered by the terms of the policy.

The above is a summary of the cover provided by this policy and the exclusions detailed herein is not an exhaustive list. In the event of a conflict or discrepancy between this document and the policy wording the policy wording shall be paramount in all instances."

How is this different from a cryptocurrency wallet?

As a managed account with institutional grade custody and security,  you own the assets but work with Viva to help manage your affairs. There is no single point of failure with our managed accounts.

A wallet is a secure vault that protects your private keys and is a self custody option. A wallet you manage on your own has points of failure.

How is a managed account different to a managed fund?

A managed account is an investment account owned by you as the investor but overseen by a professional manager or management firm.

A managed fund is where investors' funds are pooled together and managed by the investment manager. The investment manager makes investment decisions on behalf of all investors in the managed fund.

Corporate Structure & Governance

What is your corporate structure and how are you regulated?

Viva Capital Management Pte Ltd (UEN 202030776Z) is a Singapore company with SSIC code 66306 registered as a family office servicing high net worth individuals. 

Zerocap Pty Ltd is an authorized representative (001289130) of Gannet Capital Pty Ltd (ACN 139 264 690; AFSL 340799). Zerocap Pty Ltd is registered with AUSTRAC as a DCE Service Provider (DCE100635539-001)

What countries do you operate in?

Viva accepts clients in most countries. We have a physical office in Orlando Florida and support clients with on US Eastern timezone. We also have a light presence in Australia and Singapore.

What happens if Viva goes bankrupt?

If Viva goes bankrupt, you still have 100% ownership and access to your assets. In the event, Viva failed you would contact both our custodian Zerocap (Zerocap.com) and security partners Fireblocks (Fireblocks.com) or Copper (Copper.co)

Privacy & information Sharing

Do you share my crypto information with any government bodies?

No. Viva does not share information with any government body. It is your responsibility to manage your tax and reporting affairs.

If you are a USA citizen who is invested with a Crypto IRA opened by Viva, once per year, we complete an annual valuation that is given to your custodian (Entrust). In turn, this custodian will share information with the IRS. 


What annual reporting do you provide?

You can access a list of transactions via your wealth portal that you can provide to your CPA or work with for accounting purposes.