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Move Your Fiat Into and Out Of Crypto With Zero Limitations


Do You Need To Convert A Large Amount Of Crypto To Cash or Cash to Crypto?

The Problem

Investors are faced with multiple problems when preserving the value of their cash. 

The Cash Yield Account solves these problems in a completely done for you solution so you can capture the high interest from digital cash. 

The Opportunity

High Demand Of Cash Backed Digital Currency

The growth in digital assets is nothing short of staggering, and has created a high demand for USD backed stablecoins as a low volatility safe haven.

USD backed digital currencies have grown into a more than $50 billion market so far, and growth isn't slowing down. The digital asset space has also matured to the point where there are now robust credit and interest rates markets.

This situation has created a unique opportunity where you can hold digital USD cash and get paid a handsome yield for safely lending it to institutions, just like you do with a regular bank account to earn interest.

Why Banks Can't Do This

Banks cannot do this themselves because it will take years before they have the technology infrastructure to do transactions in digital USD stablecoins. 

Banks will take a long time to adopt them because the centralized profit making businesses. This conflicts with digital assets which are built to support a decentralized financial network where profits are distributed back to the people.

Maximum Account Safety and Security

All Viva accounts are built on the Fireblocks platform. All funds transfers are registered with Austrac (the money laundering regulatory body in Australia). 

This technology is used by banks and hedge funds and large institutions to manage digital asset security. So far, they've transfer $400 billion of digital assets.

What this means is your account is safe, held in your name, you control all deposits and withdrawals, and it's backed by the best security available today.

How It Works



This portfolio holds the USDC and the volatility is the same as holding cash. It's designed for wealth preservation and high liquidity so you can pull your cash out when you need to without any penalties. 

Your managed account is secured with MultiParty Computation (MPC) technology through our custodian, which allows multiple parties to each hold secret information needed to solve the puzzle of accessing your account.

This makes hacking highly expensive and nearly impossible. Your account with Viva is a truly secure environment for storing, transferring, and issuing digital assets.  

How It Compares

How To Open An Account

  1. 1
    Book A Free Consultation
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  2. 2
    Do The Online Application
    Upload your ID and sign the docs.
  3. 3
    Deposit Funds
    Transfer USD, AUD, or EUR like normal.

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