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Earn Residual Revenue As A
Viva Introducing Partner


Viva is  partner with introducers who can refer new clients, or drive traffic into our sales funnels, to raise capital for our managed cryptocurrency portfolios, in exchange for revenue share. We have both front end and back end products and each client typically invests more, the longer they are a client with us. 

Our target client is a baby boomer or high income earner with a minimum of $50k or more to invest, and wants ‘done for you’ service. Viva will manage the sales process to increase the value of each client invested.

Compensation Model

Compensation is based on total assets under management introduced with a focus on residual earnings, rather than a once off sale commission. The larger our clients portfolio balance grows, the more fees are made for no additional work.

  • 20% of all gross management fees for the life of the client while you remain Active.
  • Active means to introduce a minimum of $10 million USD, or equivalent currency, in a trailing 12 month period.
  • All of your introduced clients are tracked in our CRM system for monthly calculations

Revenue Example

Assume you introduce assume you introduce 50 clients with a $200k average balance to create $10 million of assets under management into a high growth DeFi portfolio with a 2% management and 20% performance fee. Assume the portfolio rises 30x in 10 years. 

Front End

Short Term

Introducer fee on the above portfolio is 40,000 per year

Long Term

After a 30x rise, the client balance is now $300 million and the residual revenue is $1.2 million per year as long as you remain active.

Back End

Long Term

After a 30x rise to $300 million the performance fee will produce $11.6 million, in once off payments, from the capital gains.