Retirement Accelerator Checklist

Congratulations on taking the step to establish your Crypto IRA™ and set up tax free growth on your crypto. We want to make this administration process as easy as possible for you. Please complete the following checklist to get started.
NOTE: Please use a computer for this process.


Complete your online questionnaire, agreement with Viva, and book a Zoom video appointment with your on-boarding specialist. You will need to decide if you want to want a Traditional or Roth IRA (self directed)


If you are converting to a Roth, email your current custodian and/or close any positions into cash for a transfer. 

Once your account is a Roth IRA, please ask them for a statement or screenshot of your cash position that includes the value and your account number. 

Reminder: If you have a Keogh or 401k it must first be converted to a traditional IRA before it can be converted into a Roth IRA. If you already have a traditional IRA you can convert it directly to a Roth IRA. Be sure to send the correct request if you have a Keogh or 401k. 

You Need Your LLC Incorporation Paperwork
Before You Can Complete Steps 3 to 6


Open your bank account for your LLC We'll help you with one of our preferred  crypto friendly banks. 


Entrust account setup and investment walkthrough. Your specialist will book a call with you.


Open your Viva account and transfer funds from your bank to your new Viva investment account.


Meet your account manager who will provide you with ongoing support.